Control Your Destiny

Star Nation + Ephyra

 Friendships make all the  difference in Eve 

We have a place for you!

Six years ago …

Star Nation was created by some like minded players who had a hatred for Pirates. We lived in high sec for just over a year gathering resources, mining, rating and mission running together. Slowly our understanding of the game grew and we managed to set up a modest base for our industry needs. This base was the start of a very long and prosperous friendship amongst our members based on trust, honesty and respect for each other’s game style choices.

We learnt that many of us wanted different things. Some wanting to become expert miners, others wanting to master their PVE and PVP skills and some wanting to become Elite industrialists.  This in many corps can create friction. Not with us though. We decided the way forward was for us all to fully support each other’s chosen paths, to help in any way we could and through mutual growth and success we as a group would bloom and gain strength.  That’s exactly what happened.

After a year in high sec we formed an alliance with another corp that had a similar mindset to our own.  This was the start of an amazing journey for us.  Shortly after we managed to secure space in Providence (Null sec) Our alliance joined CVA and for 3 years we lived and prospered in Providence. 

This was a learning time where we would gain experience in setting up infrastructures for industry, mastering defence skills and how to defend and fight in large scale null sec battles. It was an invaluable experience and hell of a lot of fun. Through many losses and some fantastic wins we became stronger and gained a full understanding of how Eve works. What works, what doesn’t and how to help others win at what they want to do.

After the biggest war in Providence  Provi bloc fell and we were forced to find a new home.  After a short while being a bit lost we finally joined Evictus and set up home with them and have continued to prosper. We never lost  the ethos we hold in corp of repect and friendship. Long term friendships have been formed over the years and loyalties run strong still.  We are proud of all we have achieved.

We are involved in all aspects of the game.

Pvp fleets – called all the time, Small local defence fleets, Strategic ops and full scale coalition battles in all classes of ship. It really is special seeing 5000 plus pilots slogging it out in everything from a frigate to titans.

But what if your not ready for Null sec.?

We decided to set up another high sec corp, a sister corp to our Null sec corp.

Two years ago…

Ephyra was created as a non wardecable high sec corp yet fully tied into Star Nation including a corp chat channel and highly used discord chat server. With the long experience we have within eve it became obvious that we had something great to offer.

Younger pilots who are finding their early way through eve often need advice on core skills to train and having access to experienced players who are happy to help and guide them is a real advantage. Making the all the twists and turns that face them that much earier to get through.

Ephyra is also great for older players that just fancy a slower pace of eve life away from all the battles and politics null sec carries with it.  We are a mature group that basically wants the best of all worlds.

New players get a lot of enjoyment in High sec learning how to master their skills, ships and abilities. Running missions. ratting or mining with our Star Nation members and other Ephyra members. It all makes the learning experience a lot more fun. 

If you’re a pilot with less than 5 million skill points we really do suggest you stay in high sec where we can help you master your core skills and offer you knowledge to get you ready for null sec life. Then you can switch to Star Nation if you decide null is something you want to try. Or maybe you just like HS.  Many do.

If wishing to make the jump into Null sec, our members don’t have to worry about proving themselves to a null sec corp. Its already done with us. Better yet you will already have friends waiting to help you make that step. That’s a rare thing to find in Eve online.

Most high sec corps are made up of newer players and generally they cant offer the knowledge base an older experienced corp can. We would love to help you and in return we only ask for one thing.  Friendship!

Real life 1st

Its your game, you choose how and when you want to play it.

Our community spirit is what makes us such a nice corp to be part of. Its all about the members and real life comes 1st.. Always!


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