Your adventure starts here

Recruitment Process


My names Equilibrium Templar and I’m the Ceo of Star Nation and my alt Trinity Templar is the Ceo of Ephyra.

Firstly I would  just like to thank you for your interest in our corps.

It’s understandable that play time is valuable and we know you want to get going in the corp of your choice.  Waiting for a recruitment check can be frustrating so…

Newer players (90 days or less) to the game wanting to join Ephyra (our hs corp)
We run a fast track system to help get you into corp asap.
As time goes on you will be asked to complete the security process but it can wait a while. Goto Step 1

Experienced players wishing to join either Star Nation or Ephyra,
If you have been playing eve more than 90 days we will have to run the security checks before you can join either Star Nation or Ephyra. We  have responsibilities to our current members and  the alliance Star nation is part of. (Evictus alliance). This means we do get attempts from naughty guys to infiltrate .  Im sure you’ve heard about spies and alike in eve. The security checks help us weed out them out when they try to get into our corps.  I’m sure you agree it’s worth the hassle.. It means you can rest assured that in future the corp mate flying next to your expensive ship has been checked and really does have your back.

All applications are treated on their own merit and are valued greatly. Older Eve players please don’t be too worried if your past is lets say varied. Most long standing players have had many adventures in eve and so long as your not a very recent or current enemy of ours then your application should be fine. Your honesty now carries a lot of weight and respect so please tell us now if you think there could be something that may cause an issue. Frequently it wont 🙂

Ok So lets get started 🙂

We use Discord text and voice heavily for “all” fleets, corp notices and general out of game chat.
We also use it to carry out your recruitment. Of course your most welcome to also hang out in our in game public channel “Ephyra & Star Nation Public” but your recruitment will still be completed via discord.

Step 1
Join our corps Discord chat server  (If you have already joined our discord go to step 2)

Click connect on the discord sever window below and accept to join our corp Discord.
If you have discord installed the your all set. If not it will offer to install the discord app (recommended) or give you the option of using the web page version (Not recommended as you will miss intel, fleet, alliance and corp communication messages). 

On discord you will receive a direct message from the server bot named S-nat.
The bot sends the same message to anyone joining our discord server. It directs you to come to this website.  You can ignore its advice  seeing as you are already here 😀 

All communications regarding security checks will  be via Direct message to and from me or a recruiter on discord ensuring your privacy.

Step 2

Take a screen capture of your toon selection window so I can see the names etc of the three toons on the account your application toon is linked to. Do the same for any alt accounts you want to, include .

Hint: Press [Prt Scr] button on your keyboard and your pc will, save the image to your drive. You can then send your screen capture to me Equilibrium Templar via a direct message on Discord.

If you’ve never used discord… Right click my name (Equilibrium Templar) in the right hand name list and select the option “message”. There is an option to upload pics.

If you are having trouble working out the screen capture,  you can use a program called lightshot to take screen captures. Its actually a very cool little app many of us use to share interesting things we see. 

It has a great feature.. It creates a webpage link out of your screen grab so you can just past the links it creates into any chat your having.  No pic uploading needed.

Step 3

A little info about you.

Send your answers to me Equilibrium Templar via discord direct message please.

a)     Let me know me know which corp you wish to join, Ephyra in high sec or Star Nation in Null sec.

b)     Give me a little info about you, What have done before in Eve, what you like doing, what you hope to do in future. eg; preferred play style (If known), pve, pvp, exploration, mining, roams, manufacture,  trade etc.

c)     What Time zone are you from and are you fine with English (Our corp is an English spoken corp)

d)     Tell me now about anything you think may cause an issue with your corp application. 
If your worried about something in your past Eve history, corp connections, kill board data etc. Let me know about it and we will discuss it if we have to. Frequently the things that worry applicants don’t matter at all to us 🙂 
We Do carry out a detailed check for every toon and if we find obvious serious issues that we haven’t been told about it will impact your chances.

Eve automatically creates colourful histories for most toons over time. The corps we are in, the wars we fight, the silly mistakes we make with expensive ships and some of the friends we make lol. The longer we play the more colourful that history gets. I would go so far as to say that its not such a bad thing to have experience in many aspects of eve.  Star Nation has players from all sorts of backgrounds and it helps the whole corp in fact at times.  So just be transparent. It does mean alot and is respected greatly.

OK your all done… 

Its my turn to do some work now 🙂

If your a new player less than 90 days old we will fast track your application.
You may be contacted by one of our members who will help you join quickly and will help answer any questions you may have,

All other applications.  Please wait for me to message you back on discord.  (Real life, work life etc may mean you have to wait a short while but your application will be seen and contact made with you on the same day).

If you have any questions or just want to chat you can “always” message me or  my directors (coloured gold in the discord name list).

Chat to the guys in the public channel they really are a nice bunch and will be itching to make you feel at home. 

Many thanks for taking the time to do all this. It “really” does help 🙂

Chat soon,

Equilibrium Templar – Ceo